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This version of Vinnie's Website is no longer valid and is for reference purposes only.

May 2014

Hello And Welcome To My World
Welcome to my world.

This is one place where you get to see me in all my usefulness giving you news, views, tips and reviews and anything else I feel may be useful to you and anybody else.

Truly Vinnie's Website has been redesigned from 2011 and due to the large amount of updating required you will find links pointing to my old design which has all its links and pages intact.

What is Vinnie's Website all about?
It is a services and entertainment website created primarily to show off my IT and writing skills.
It is my personal portal and spare time hobby.
It is a personal website - non commercial, not for profit and no gain exceopt for me.

My website is packed full of features I myself have used and if I need anything I may direct you here instead.

I believe my linked titles are all self explanatory.
I haven't been all over the world but why keep pictures to yourself?
Tips and Tricks are ideas and How To Do write up's wriiten in my own words by me.
Crazy Video's are clips I have either downloaded or been sent to me that I find highly amusing.

Please explore for yourself.
I do have a mailing list which I highly encourage you to join. Your privacy is very important to me.
Feedback is highly welcomed positive or negative.

Thank you for passing by.


Redesign Preview